Aghgaghh memorriiieessss

I still hope my PIP claim gets accepted because I dunno what I’d do if it gets rejected

it’s gonna be a long time before you see your old man again, what maybe Christmas…

awww dad it’ll go by fast! eheheh not too fast i hope…

A Goofy Movie

A Goofy Movie

its terrible when you really like a piece of music from a movie but the piece of music is not on the soundtrack or anywhere else. i am talking about the song that plays during the credits before the second credits scene its very upbeat and awesome BUT ITS NOT AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD ANYWHERE OR BUY OR ANYTHING BECAUSE IT WAS SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR THE CREDITS ONLY AND NOTHING ELSE!


Captain America the winter soldier

Eeehhhhhhh it's too difficult I can never remember the shape of anything


That doesn’t matter

Art is about having a good grasp of anatomy, BUT concept and style are also major factors.

Yea, maybe the shape or something is gonna be changed, but that’s fine, because it’s YOUR own creation. Art is about expression not accuracy!


Look at god dam Piccasso


Can’t even draw a fucking face right, but he’s still popular as all hell


Because art should never be about something being one hundred percent accurate. Art should be about the expression of your heart.

So what if you can’t remember the shape or colour of something? Make it up, makes it more unique. Makes it even more yours.

Yea it’s a long as fuck process to get to a point to where you’re prou but oh well,

make art for fun

make art to express

make art to relieve stress

make art for yourself

Fuck what anyone else says, if you made it, then you should be proud!

Everything takes time, but don’t stress over it too much, because everyone starts of shitty. Hell, I started off really fucking bad, here’s the first ever digital picture I made:


I was twelve.

But look at the change now:


I guess what i’m trying to say is, don’t give up now. Yea it’ll take time, it’ll be difficult, but it’s also fun and expressive and so totally worth it.

Trust me

I bow unto thee

i had a dream last night that i was fighting crime, and then i sat downbeside someone, and it turned out to be you! but you didn't want to talk to me, it was so sad! but eventually you did and everything was ok in the world

I like this dream but I don’t know why I wouldn’t be talking to you! The one and only disney planes queen! Also I hope I was wearing a captain america uniform

I have a couple other’s planned hon, here’s just the first one i finished~

I have a couple other’s planned hon, here’s just the first one i finished~

*shoots zombies hand off* DO YOU HAVE ZE TIME!? AHAHAHAHA!!…sorry
Doctor richtofen
Max thinking

Max thinking

my dads taking me to the powerline concert in LA!

your dad’s taking you clear across the country just to see a concert?

uh well ya see my dad uhhh knew, KNOWS powerline, they used  to play together in a band yeah!

come on son lets get this show on the road!

uhh, just a minute you party animal you…