So then if the its canon that means you and I sit in the ship of relations yes?




Yes that is correct

I did a thing world I did a thing


Being in a relationship isn’t too hard Honey, it’s basically as it is now between us if i’m honest hehe

Just be yourself really, as long as you’re happy then it’s all alright :)

as long as your happy im happy

have u made art of u and sirmax yet -wink-
You and sir max are my otp. Is it canon??


  1.  holy fuck i’m apart of someone’s OTP. does this mean i’m in an animuu as the kids these days say?
  2. Uuuh, yea sure  I guess we’re canon.
  3.  have a cute puppy gif  (look at that little fluffball)


so i did a thing



Day 9: Your Favourite Original Character. 

Max Goof (Goof Troop) 1992 first appearance. 


Whatever happens tomorrow, you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are, not a perfect soldier, but a good man.

I just found out that a really super close friend of mine of a long time has a love for the Goofy movies like I do! I really want to get Max tattooed on me, and he'd get Roxanne (we're sort of compatible like the two!.) Cute or what? ; w;

As a man who has two max tattoos already i say DO IIIITTTTT

i…erm…captain america yaaaay…

i…erm…captain america yaaaay…

Your alternate way of thinking post teared me up because I'm going through something and I need 1,000$ by next week and pretty much I've been having anxiety over it and it was nice to read it in that way, thanks for being cool have a good day

i’m sorry you are currently in that situation i really am no one should have to be there but in time something will save the day whether its the medkit or a friend joining in and helping you out you’ll make it one way or another. i believe in ya trooper!


an alternate way of thinking

there comes times when all we want to do is quit and just give up on life because we see no other option but when in reality there a plenty of other options but you didn’t continue far enough to reveal them. see i think of it as something out of a video game for example take that one game you played where you’d always get to a point where you’ve got 1 piece of health remaining and your now slowly limping through the mission about to quit because you know there’s a tough part coming up and you have nowhere near the suitable amount of health to take it on. but you decide to take that one little step further because just fuck it why not. so you keep going and around the corner by your surprise is a medkit so you pick it up and regain enough of your health to take on the challenge then from this point you are either defeated by the challenge or you defeat the challenge. defeating this challenge does not mean its over its finished i can stop now it simply means you’ve overcame that moment when you nearly gave up and just turned it off so you now you can go on and battle more challenges one at a time picking up these little medkits regaining your health over time until you feel you can take on anything. but if the other option were to come about and you got defeated by this challenge it doesnt mean turn it off and give up because ‘oh well you tried’ it means you go back to your last checkpoint and you try again using many different strategies or using the same one but whatever strategy you use make sure you look around every corner, check every opening, every crack, every crevice, every chest until you find the medkit to help you take on the challenge because you never know….you might just beat it and take on the boss battle at the very end and win.

Attires: Max’s shoes

Hey did anything happen with ur crush?


I am his Fruitie Tootie, he is my Honey Bunny
I love him and he loves me

I make him happy and he makes me happy

Happier than i’ve truly been in a very long time

does that answer your question nonnie?

cute person! If you received this, it means you make someone happy! Go on anonymous, and send this to 10 followers that make you happy or need some cheering up. If you get some back, even better!

Awww thanks dad A-hyuck!


I saw this on dA and I thought of sir-maximillian-goof



I saw this on dA and I thought of sir-maximillian-goof



a few weeks ago i cried over an extremely goofy movie

I apologise on behalf of the movie